Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sleeping & Baths

There's a running joke in my family about how often I'd fall asleep in strange places as a child. I'd sleep just about anywhere. Still today, I really enjoy sleeping. I also really enjoy bubble baths - they're the perfect way for me to spend some time alone and relax. As a new mom, sleeping and bubble baths arent happening much right now - but in due time they will again, and right now there are other wonderful things happening that are both relaxing and enjoyable. Today my prayer is for Caroline to learn about healthy sleep and to enjoy relaxation.


Dear God,
You've created us as people who need to sleep to restore our energy and our spirits. We need time to recharge our batteries and unplug from the grind and busy-ness of the day. In today's world there is so much taking our attention and calling at us - technology has made a world that never seems to sleep.Today I pray that Caroline learn how to rest and relax, and how to find small pleasures (like bubble baths!) in her life. I pray that she soon learn to sleep well and deeply, and that you'd bless her with restoration while she sleeps. I pray that when she wakes up she's alert and happy to be awake. I pray that she learns to enjoy her mornings - and maybe in her life she'll use those mornings to talk to you, or to study your word. God make her a woman who lives every waking moment in the best way she knows how, and who spends her sleeping moments in restorative peace.

Thank you for Caroline, thank you for the gift of sleep and relaxation.


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