Monday, June 6, 2011

Church family

Since moving to Orlando I've been attending First United Methodist Church of Winter Park. I've enjoyed the church, and participated in several small groups and studies along the way, but have not found a close group of people to connect with. Dan's attended with me for several years as well. When we had Caroline, we let the church know and were so surprised and pleased with how much we heard from the church. We had a call from a pastor, a note from the care team, and a note in the Sunday bulletin. Last week, I got a call from a woman from the church who's part of the Hannah Circle - she told me that the women in the circle make meals for new moms, they'd heard about Caroline and were calling to schedule to bring us 5 meals. I was stunned! I've never attended the Hannah Circle and have never met any of these women. Their generosity, love and kindness is a display of God's love and we're blessed to be on the receiving end.


Dear God,
Thank you for the church family that we've found at FUMCWP. Thank you for the Hannah Circle who want to support us with meals this week. Thank you for their friendliness, their generosity and their willingness to help a stranger. Today I pray that Caroline comes to know the love of church family early, and that she has a good church family through her whole life. I pray that her friends from church will be positive influences on her life, and friends that stick around for a long time. I pray that she enjoys going to church, and participating in music programs and youth groups. I also pray that she becomes a woman who wants to reach out and help others. Give her a spirit for fellowship, for generosity and for love.

Thank you God for this day, for our sweet girl, and for our church family


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