Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dear God,
Thank you for our baby Caroline. She is a special gift from you for me and her dad. Today I pray for her relationship with her father. I pray they continue to bond and enjoy each other, and I pray that through her life they share a special relationship. I pray that they spend time together just the two of them - making special memories and traditions that they share together. I pray that she learns from her dad about the things he loves - riding bikes, spending time outside, building and fixing things around the house. Let Caroline develop parts of her personality that reflect her father - his easy-going nature, his love of nature and travel. Please guide Dan to be a role model to Caroline, so she may know the right way a man should live and treat his family and others.

Thank you for the gifts of marriage and parenthood, and please give a special bond to Caroline and Dan today, and for the rest of their lives.


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