Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just Like GG

Yesterday my grandma came to meet Caroline for the first time. She and my grandfather live in Louisville, and she turned 80 this year. She's very active and energetic, and was thrilled to get in the car at the airport and meet Caroline - her 4th great grandchild. There are so many wonderful things about my grandmother that I admire, so my prayer today is that Caroline grows into a woman who reflects the wonderful traits of her "GG".

Dear God,
We're so blessed with family. Thank you for our family, and thank you for the idea to create us into families. We are so lucky and blessed to raise our baby girl with the love and support of so many wonderful Christian people. Today I pray a special prayer of thanks for my grandma, Caroline's GG. Thank you for her being alive to meet Caroline, and to be so emotionally close to us even as we're entering our 30's. You've given grandma many gifts and great traits, and I pray that those are reflected in Caroline as she grows. Specifically, I pray you'll gift Caroline with these things, that are such bright spots in GG's life:
- Friendliness and a spirit to help others
- A wonderful husband who loves her and you endlessly
- The desire to learn new things and take on adventures
- A great ability to cook delicious foods
- Skills for removing stains from ANYTHING
- The desire to read and to enjoy reading
- The gift of gab
- Joy, peace, and generosity.

Thank you Lord for Caroline, and for her GG. Thank you for this week that they'll spend together. 


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