Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bueller, anyone? Bueller?

Today we spent some time with one of my friends and her sweet 1-year-old. My friend is a teacher and told a story about managing a difficult student in one of her classes. She spoke of patience, kindness and understanding. I'm so used to teachers complaining about students that it was refreshing and surprising to hear her talk about this challenging child with such hope for her future. I hope Caroline has teachers like that.

Dear God,
Thank you for teachers who spend so much of their time with our children. Thank you for the dedication they show, even when being paid so little for such important jobs. Today I pray for the people who will be Caroline's teachers. I pray that they accept her, and can always see her potential. Let them be people she'll be safe with, and people who inspire her. Let school be a positive experience for Caroline, and I pray that she'll be engaged with her school work and look forward to going to school. I pray that you guide me and Dan in making decisions about where she should go to school, and choosing the people that will lead so much of her development. I pray that she fits in at school and finds friends along the way.

Thank you God for Caroline and for all of the wonderful things you have planned for her life.

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