Thursday, June 2, 2011


Tonight I have a haircut, the first one since Caroline's been born, and Caroline is coming with me. Right now, Caroline has very little hair, so she'll just be observing. So today, my prayer is for her hair.


Dear God, 
Thank you for sweet baby Caroline. Thank you for every piece of her that you perfectly formed - for her tiny ears, nose, lips and her (not so tiny) feet and toes. The miracle of life is perfect evidence of your grace and love for us, when I look at Caroline I see you. I see your perfect love in her eyes. God today I pray for her hair. I pray that she grows beautiful hair and eyelashes. I pray that she becomes a confident young woman who can distinguish between superficial beauty and real beauty. I pray for times in her life when I can braid and curl Caroline's hair and we can play beauty shop together. 

Thank you God for our baby, thank you for the miracle of continuing growth, for the growth of her body and her hair. 


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