Tuesday, June 7, 2011

She'll get by with a little help from her friends

Today we visited with our friend, Valerie, who was just blessed with a sweet baby boy, Tommy. Caroline went along for the trip, so it was the first time she met her new friend. They may have both slept through their introductions, but I'd say they're new friends nonetheless. Today I pray for Caroline's friends.


Dear God,
Thank you for Valerie and for Tommy. Thank you for all of the wonderful friends we have in our lives. Please give Caroline good friends in her life, at all stages. Let her friends be creative, fun, supportive and constant. Let her have friends she can trust in and she can lean on. I pray that she has good girlfriends and learns the value of girlfriends early in her life.  I pray that her friends stand by her side in good times and bad, that they celebrate and laugh with her when things are good, and cry with her and console her when they're not. I pray that she has siblings that are her best friends, and that she's close with her cousins as well. I pray especially for her husband today, that he's out there somewhere growing into a good, honest man who will be worthy of her one day - and that they'll be close friends always. 

Thank you God for the gift of friendship, for our friends, and for Caroline's friends who we have yet to meet.


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