Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear God,
Today I pray for abundance in Caroline's life - abundant love, abundant opportunity, abundant joy, abundant peace. I ask that you give her more than she needs of all of your blessings and gifts. I pray that in this abundance she learns humility, gratitude, and giving back. Please bless her with many gifts and talents, and grow in her a desire to use these gifts toward your work. I pray specifically for abundant joy in her life. Life is so short and precious, and I pray that you guide her to joy always, and away from fear. I pray that she is so full of joy that she's able to inspire joy in others.

I also pray that Caroline has abundant faith. I know that it's only through faith in You that she'll come by love, opportunity, joy and peace. Please reach out to Caroline now and bind her heart to you, so that from even this very early, precious age, she's aware of You, and your presence in her life, aware of your ability to guide her to a life of abundance.

Thank you for hearing our prayers, thank you for being a God who puts no limits on the blessings we can have in our life. Please bless Caroline abundantly, and in doing so, bless all those around her.


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