Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yesterday I had my last "pregnancy" OBGYN appointment. It'll be strange to not go to that office every couple weeks! While I was there I was thinking about Caroline's health, and that inspires today's prayer.


Dear God,
Thank you for our baby Caroline. Thank you for her sweet spirit and her healthy body. Thank you for helping us get through the issue with her heart murmur, and we pray that you continue to close up that tiny hole in her heart, and that it doesn't ever become a problem for her. I also pray for her health through her life. I pray that I'm able to teach her to take good care of her body and mind, so that she learns skills to keep herself healthy. I pray that Caroline doesn't struggle with weight in her life, and that early on I can help her learn how to eat well and incorporate activity into her life to help her maintain an appropriate weight. I pray that she continues to develop in a healthy way, and doesn't struggle with developmental issues.  I pray for her to have a strong immune system, and a strong, healthy body and that she stay as free from illness and disease as possible. Please don't ever let Caroline suffer. 

Thank you for modern medicine and the skilled hands that deliver it. Please keep and protect Caroline, and allow her to grow as a healthy, happy child. 


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