Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Dear God, thank you for our sweet children, for Drew and for Caroline. Thank you for the time you've given us to have them together, getting to know one another. Today I pray that you help them build a relationship over the miles between them, so that they grow up knowing one another and feeling a cousin-connection! God our family is small, but our love for them is big. Please let Drew and Caroline grow into friends who can count on each other, laugh with each other and make memories with each other.

God thank you for our family. Please keep us all close in your spirit.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today we flew to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with family. Airports and planes are a great opportunity for courtesy, and after our experiences today, I've decided to make that my prayer for Caroline.

Dear God,
Every day you give us so many choices. Choices in how we behave, and how we treat others. I pray today that you give Caroline a strong sense of courtesy, and that it drives the way she acts and the way she treats people. Please let her desire to be polite and well mannered - and give Dan and me enough of it to show her the way!


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dear God,
Today I ask you to give Caroline a great memory! Give her the ability to easily recall fond memories throughout her life. Please let her always be able to look back and see the good in the things that have happened to her. Guide me and Dan in ways that we'll be able to make good memories with Caroline, so that we too remember each of these days so early in her life. God please teach Caroline how to not take her days for granted, and do the same for us.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Dear God,
Thank you for our sweet girl and for all of the little pieces of her personality that are so unique! Today I pray that you develop talents in Caroline. Dan and I were thinking today about what sports she might like to play, what instruments she may be interested in. We ask you to develop her interests in all sorts of things so she can have great experiences and lots of fun as a child. Please guide us to keep her interested and show us how to encourage her to develop her talents that you give her.

Thank you Lord for today. Please help us not take for granted that it's a gift.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Caroline's Friends

Dear God -
Thank you for the friends that you've given us, and for the babies who have been born to our friends. They're all so unique and precious.

Today I pray for these babies, for Caroline's friends. God please keep and bring people into our lives who will be good influences on Caroline, who will be good friends to her. Please let her grow into friendships that make her happy, make her feel fulfilled and are blessings to her life. Please help us teach her how to be a good friend to them as well.

Thank you Lord for our friends, and for all those little children out there who will grow into CJ's friends too!