Monday, June 13, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Today on my run (yes, I started running again, and no, it isn't pretty!) my iPod served up "Be Thou My Vision". It's a beautiful song, and the version I have is instrumental and lovely. That song inspires my prayer for Caroline today.

Dear God,
Thank you for the gift of music and for the way it moves us and inspires us. Today I pray for Caroline's vision - I pray that her sweet eyes continue to develop and focus, and I pray that they stay the beautiful blue they are today. I pray that she has good vision and doesn't have to wear glasses or contacts in her life. I pray that she's able to see herself the way I do today - as a gift from You, a precious, beautiful girl full of grace and love, and capable of anything she sets her mind to.

I also pray for her spiritual vision. I pray she's able to see you clearly. I pray particularly that she can see you during the times in her life when she's not looking for you, when she's not looking toward you. I pray you always give her vision to find you, even in the darkest of her nights. Please give Caroline the ability to see need in others, and to see how she can fill those needs. Please give her the ability to see justice, to see love and to see hope in this world.

Thank you God for vision, but thank you especially for sight.


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