Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hi Mama

Dear God,
Caroline has started waking from her naps and shouting out "Hi Mama". I hear her - either through the walls or through the monitor and it's so funny to me. It makes me happy that she's awake, and I look forward to going into her room and seeing her. It also reminds me how much she still depends on me, how much she needs me to accomplish little things - like getting out of bed.

God this afternoon I have two prayers. First, thank you for this sweet dependent relationship you've created between child and mother. Thank you for the joy you've given me in being able to care for Caroline as much as I do. Also, I want to pray that she always feels like she can call out to me for help. Through her life there will be things she needs help with that are far more concerning than simply getting up from nap. I pray that she knows that no matter what she faces, she can always call out to her mother. I pray that she knows that even when I'm disappointed in her, I still love her, and will always stand by her side.

Thank you Lord for our sweet girl. Please don't ever let us take her for granted.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Dear God,
You've made Caroline such a curious child! She's always interested in new things she sees and hears and rarely hesitates before checking them out. Thank you for her curiosity. Please let it serve her well in life, and lead her to being a child and woman who isn't afraid of new things.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Dear God,
Today we have the blessing of having one of Caroline's friends stay with us for the day. Thank you for the babies, and for their sweet happy attitudes. They're at a fun age -learning to play with one another, learning how to interact well. Today I pray for Caroline to be good at sharing. I pray that she shares her things with other children, and is able to be happy lending her toys to her friends. Please give her the desire to share, and the ability to do it.


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Dear God,
Today I found out that one of my old friends from The University of Texas committed suicide. I am feeling so sad about it. He was a wonderful guy - very creative and friendly, funny, talented. I can only imagine the pain that his parents are going through. Today I pray that you spare Caroline from any form of mental illness. I pray that she always has people she feel that she can talk to when she's down, and that she never struggles deeply.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Road Trips

Dear God,
Today Caroline and I got to go on a little road trip with one of our good friends. It's so fun to travel together and spend time chatting. Tonight I pray that Caroline has lots of great road trips in her life. When I think back on my life, some of the best stories I have are from traveling with friends, and I hope the same is true for her too. Thank you for the safe trip today, for our friends we traveled with and to see, and for our sweet girl - who is just less than 15 years away from being a driver!


Sunday, May 13, 2012


Dear God,
Today is our 2nd mothers day with Caroline. I'm so grateful to you that you trusted me to be her mother. Thank you for the gift of Caroline in our life and please don't ever let me take for granted the gift you've given me. Thank you for all the mothers in Caroline's life - both the mothers in her family, and the mothers who are our friends. You've given women such special gifts, of compassion, caring, empathy, understanding - and we're blessed that you've made us unique.

God please bless Caroline with the gift of motherhood when it's her time.

Thank you Lord God for all of my moms, who I love so deeply and have changed me for good.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Dear God,
This past Sunday Caroline was baptized. It was such a wonderful day for all of us. Dan and I know that in having her baptized as an infant, we're committed to raising her in a Christian home, with belief in you, and surrounding her with  Christian influences.

God today I pray for her entire Christian journey. It's not easy to be a follower of Christ, and sometimes it feels like there are more questions than there are answers. Faith, grace and forgiveness are complicated concepts - and building a relationship with you can feel intimidating. God I pray that you pursue a relationship with Caroline, and give her a heart to respond to you. I pray that she never give up on you, and that she has an active prayer life.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Thank You

Dear God,
Today is Caroline's first birthday. Thank you so much for each of the moments you've given us with her in the last year. Thank you for all of the people you've put into our lives who have been such a help along the way. You gave us the child, and you gave us the village.

God it feels so selfish to ask, but please give us so many more birthdays with Caroline. Please keep her healthy and happy, and allow us to enjoy all of the wonderful things she is.

Thank you Lord for our baby girl.


Dear Friends -
Caroline's asleep now, her birthday is nearly over. I'm sitting at our dining room table thinking about how so many of you were part of our lives in the last year - how each of you have been a piece of the village that it's taken to raise our girl to this point. I want you to know how very much I appreciate you, and how grateful we are that you're here, sharing in our lives at this stage.

To our families. You're not only Caroline's family and favorite people, you're also the role models we've had for parents. You were great parents to us, extraordinary grandparents, and even great-grand parents. Rhonda and Steve, you've been such inspiration to us with the way you're raising Drew. We've learned a lot about good parenting from watching you both. Thank you to all of you for your endless patience, love and support.

To Rachel C. You helped us bring Caroline into this world, and I will NEVER forget that. Thank you for playing such an important role in our lives (for many years!), but especially on that day. I know NO ONE as positive, kind and spiritually centered as you.

To the IC. You've showered us with dinners, cards, flowers, clothing, gifts, and love. You've been part of Caroline's daily life and you're such good friends - such steady friends. I pray that Caroline has friends like you in her life - she'd be so lucky to find that.

To the Bartels. You lent us everything we needed for the first 6 months of Caroline's life. You answered your phone for even the silliest questions, and had us over for playdates when we desperately needed to get out of the house. You're great parents, excellent friends and a real blessing in our lives.

To Brittany, Alicia, and Kelly. I can't even really think about how this year would have been without you and your sweet babies. You were part of it all from day one, and I feel like we've both been in a battle and a celebration together nearly every day since. I love you each dearly, and your babies too. Congrats on not only surviving but thriving this first year.

To our music buddies and play date buddies. When I was pregnant I was worried about how we'd know other stay-at-home moms with babies -- who would we hang out with?? I never dreamed we'd find each of you so quickly. Thank you for your friendship and fellowship - we love our time together with you and your precious babies.

To Kristyn. You were a gift sent from above. Thank you for being the person we trust to keep Caroline so often. Never leave Orlando. :)

To Augie and Denise. You were the first people who made me feel like I might survive having an infant. Your confidence and kindness helped me avoid PPD - I'm sure of that. Thank you.

To Katie B, Katy T, Emily O, Emily R and Josie. If Caroline grows up to be anything like any of you, I'd be so happy. Your friendship over the last 10 years has meant so much to me, and I'm so glad we're still friends after all this time. Thank you for loving Caroline, and welcoming her into your lives. Emily O - you're the most laid back mom I know, and your patience and attitude are inspirational.

To the Hunt-Jones family. You're our family away from home, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you for being here for us in the hardest moments over the last year, and being the people we know we can always call when we need help digging out. We love you.

To my JLGO girls. Thanks for the "time away" this year. It's so nice to have some time away from home with women like you. Thanks for the support, for being so kind to Caroline and for the spa days and wine nights. Looking forward to the next one - as always :)

To the people who I've obviously forgotten to mention here, and will feel terribly about as soon as I realize it. Know that I am grateful for you and who you are in our lives. Also know that a momma's brain is never as sharp as it was before kids. Please forgive me for not mentioning you by name.

With lots of love, I feel so undeserving of all you give us, and so unbelievably blessed. I thank God for you regularly.

Thank you.