Sunday, July 17, 2011


This week, Caroline will take her first vacation. We are going to Vermont for a family get together, so she'll fly on an airplane, visit New York and Vermont, and also ride on a ferry! I started packing for her, and it made me think about all the places she'll travel in her life.

Dear God,
Thank you for our upcoming trip to Vermont. Please keep us safe as we travel, and keep me calm on my first trip on a plane with a baby. Please let things go well and easily. God, today my prayer is for Carolines travels in her life. I pray she has lots of opportunities to travel in her life, and see many wonderful things in our world. I pray that she has the courage to travel and explore, and an interest in other countries, other people, and other cultures. Through her travels I hope she meets friends she can keep through her life. I hope she learns to appreciate her home and country, and I pray that through travel she sees You, and Your majesty in Your creation. I pray that she appreciates history, and sees herself in perspective of the world, all those who have come before her, and all those who will come after.

God please set an adventurous path for my sweet Caroline, and take her to glorious places far from home. God, though, please root her path in our home, and let her always find her way back.

P.S. God, help me not overpack.

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