Saturday, July 16, 2011

CPR Class

Today we took an infant and child CPR class. I'm glad we took it, because now if something happens I'll know what to do. But it was scary to think about Caroline choking or being unresponsive, and certainly I'd prefer that I never have to use these skills on her. So today I'm praying that we don't ever have to.

Dear God,
Thank you for Linda teaching us today. Thank you for all the skills we have to help each other when we're in need. Thank you for the friends we've made that were able to take the course with us. God today I ask you that Caroline never needs CPR. I pray that you protect her heart, and protect her from choking. Please keep her safe, and keep her from physical distress. Please give us the ability to protect her from harm, and the wisdom to teach her to keep herself out of trouble. God I also ask that you strengthen us, and give us the power equal to all our tasks in life.

Pease protect our sweet girl.

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