Friday, July 15, 2011

The blessing of grandmothers

This week my husbands mom is in town for a visit. We've had a great time together and Caroline has had a lot of good grandma snuggle time. Caroline is blessed to have two sets of grandparents who love her so much. The grandmas, specifically, inspire today's post.

Dear God,
Thank you for Sharon and Donna, or Grandma and Dee Dee, as Caroline knows them. Thank you for their love for Caroline, and for the time that they've been able to spend with her since her birth. Thank you for the gift of grandmothers, for the wisdom they pass down, for the guidance and strength they give our families. Please give Caroline many more years with her grandmothers, so that she can grow into adulthood knowing them, their love, and their lives. Please let her learn from her grandmothers the way I've been able to learn from mine. I pray that Caroline is able to spend vacations at her grandmothers house, and that she forms great memories of those long summer days. I also pray that she knows through her life how proud of her they are, just for being their granddaughter.

God, when its time in her life, I pray that you give Caroline a family of her own, and that she becomes a grandmother. I pray that she has a wonderful relationship with her grandchildren and she passes down all the wisdom and love that she's been given.

Thank you God for our family, and for all of the grandmothers.

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