Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tiny Moments

Dear God,
Thank you for the tiny blessed moments that you give to me and Caroline. As I just sat in her room rocking her and singing, I could feel you in the room with us. Thank you for the time we get to read books together, snuggle when she first wakes up, pat her dry after a bath. I know that these moments are running away from us, and while they'll be replaced by new ones, it feels so important to take each one and cherish it as it's happening. God thank you for giving us the ability to cry, for tears that come when joy and peace just fill us up. It's such a tender moment to have joyful tears with a baby. Please let the wonderful flood of emotion I feel during our tiny moments be felt by Caroline too - and please let us hold onto those feelings when we need them most.

God thank you. Thank you.


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