Thursday, September 1, 2011

The people who care for Caroline

Last night was the first night I went back to teaching since having Caroline. We are so blessed that I'm able to be at home with her during the day, and I'm truly enjoying raising her this way. Because I have to leave the house before Dan is able to be home from work, we've hired a sitting to come on Wednesday's for about an hour until Dan arrives. Last night was the firs time i left Caroline with a sitter who wasn't a good friend or family member. That inspires today's prayer.

Dear God,
Thank you for our sitter, Kristyn. Thank you for our friends who introduced us to good, reliable sitters for Carolline. Please let Caroline grow to love Kristyn and feel comfortable in her care. Through Carolines young life I know there will be many people who we trust with Carolines care and i pray that we are alway able to find good, loving, trustworthy people for that very important task. Plase give us wisdom in hiring sitters, and please send us people who will care for and love our baby the way we do.


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