Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roots and Wings

This is a prayer I've heard my mom talk about praying for me and my sister. Seems appropriate to pray for Caroline since we just got back from a great trip home.

Dear God,
Thank you for our roots - for the depth of love and connection that we feel when we take time to go "home". God please allow Caroline to grow up with deep roots. Please help her to feel connected to friends and family, to places that mean something to her, and please fill her with a sense of belonging to those roots. Let the roots she grows keep her grounded in her faith, in our family values, and true to herself. At the same time God, I pray that you give Caroline wings. Wings to explore, to grow, to change, and to go where she dreams. Please let those wings allow her all sorts of opportunities in her life, and don't ever let her forget how to use them. And God, while I pray that she dreams big, I also pray that no matter how far she flies, that she always follows her roots back home.

God thank you for the roots and wings you've given us, and please teach us how to do the same for our sweet Caroline.


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