Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Tiny Kate

Dear God,
I've been talking to you about Kate for quite some time now - though I've written little. God I know you've heard my heart and my cries for this second baby of ours. Lord thank you for the gift you've already given us, even as we wait these last few weeks for her to be born. God the sum of the desires I have for Kate is VAST, and selfish, and wrought with the kind of intensity that only a mother can have for her children.
God please allow Kate to fully develop both mentally and physically before she's born. Please make her a bright child who is ready to come into this world when she is born. More God than my physical comfort, our emotional readiness, or any other factor God, please bring her when the time is right. God please make our labor and delivery process safe for both me and Kate. God please be present with me through the process to keep me from fear and harm. God please be present with Kate and allow her birth to be peaceful and healthy.
God thank you for our family, for the time you've given us, and for the promises you have for our future. God I ask that you wrap all 4 of us in your arms, and also bind us to one another. God please keep the spirit of our home focused on you, focused on joy and peace, and on being a light in this world. Lord thank you so much for the many blessings you've given us, and please God bring our tiny baby Kate to us safely and healthfully. And please remember Caroline in the process, and give her what she needs to be a confident child who is secure in her place in this family. Please give me and Dan the wisdom to care for ourselves, for one another, and our children in the kind of balance that only you can direct.


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