Monday, October 17, 2011


Last week Caroline got an exersaucer from her grandparents - she LOVES it, and is particularly excited about the places where she can make music. She has a drum she spins that makes rattles, and several buttons that sing songs. Her new toy inspires todays prayer.

Dear God -
You gave us the gift of music to praise you, to express ourselves, to use to fellowship together. Caroline is discovering music - in her toys, in our class, at night with our lullabies and in the car when we listen. Please  give Caroline an appreciation for music, and maybe even give her a gift. Perhaps you'll give her a gift for singing, or maybe for playing an instrument. Please let music come naturally to her so it'll be easy for her to share that gift with others. God thank you for our sweet girl, and for all the gifts you've given her and are growing in her.


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