Friday, February 27, 2015

Fixed Gaze

Dear God,
I come before you tonight offering my most sincere thanks and humble praise for who you are. Thank you God for this life, for the blessings you've given us, and the opportunity to direct our lives to you.

God the girls are doing so well. Kate's 10 months, all of the sudden not an infant anymore. Caroline's 3 going on 13, and life is just moving so quickly God. God there are really deep stirrings in my soul about the type of mother I want to be, the example I want to be for my girls. And God there are also all these things I want for them in this life - friends, a great school, happiness, talents, manners, respect, laughter, joy, depth, intellect, success - and sometimes I confess I get so focused on trying to perfect myself, or trying to chase after all those things, that I forget the most important thing: fixing my eyes on you. I believe God that when I fix my eyes on you, the rest of life will follow. God tonight I pray that you force my gaze your way. I pray you keep me from looking to other mothers, other families and the way they live their lives, I pray you keep me focused on you. I know comparison and self-doubt are not your ways, and I want to walk in your way.

God I ask you to guide and direct me, Dan, Caroline and Kate. God I ask guidance for our families, our friends, our church, the people with whom we do business and our neighbors. God please show up big in these places, please take the evil and wrongdoing and set it aside, please fix all of us on living the types of lives that please you. God let us not waste a moment of this life you've given us, and keep us mindful that each day could easily be the last.

Thank you Lord for the peace and joy I feel filling my life.

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