Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dear God,
Caroline talks a lot about home these days. She shouts out 'home!' when we're out and she's ready to come back. Sometimes it's a question "hooome?" as we're driving through the neighborhood. Most commonly it's an exclamation as we pull into the driveway "HOME!". That's right baby, we're home. This Christmas I've thought a lot about home, and what it means to Be Home. When CC talks about home, all she means is 'our place' - she has no concept of what state we're in, what our property taxes are, how long we plan to be here - it's just home. Tonight God my prayer  is that home is always such a simple concept for her. Let her always find home so easily in her life. God please show us how to make our home a place that she wants to exclaim over, and please fill our home with grace, patience, laughter, joy, love, and humility.

Thank you Lord for our home, that we may never take it for granted. Thank you for our girl.

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