Sunday, December 9, 2012

Am I asking for too much?

Dear God,
So many of the things I ask of you for Caroline are antithetical. My requests feel selfish, as if I'm asking that you give her everything and then the ability to keep it all in balance. I realized this morning, as I prayed to you that it IS selfish, and that I do want so much for Caroline, I want her to live an abundant life full of layers and fascinating complexity. I also know that you have the power to give it all to her and teach her how to handle it. Recently I've been praising you for Caroline's increasing independence, for all of the things she's learning how to do on her own - today's prayer seems to rise from that increasing independence. Today I ask that you instill in Caroline a desire to cooperate. Sometimes her independence, her strong will keep her from cooperating with me and with Dan. That can cause frustration in all of us, and I know that what we need from her is more cooperation. So God, please grow that in Caroline, and show me how to encourage it in her.

Thank you Lord for hearing all of my prayers, even when they're contradictory, even when I'm asking for the whole world.


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