Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Girl

Dear God,
Today a blog posting came across my desk, and it was enough to make me afraid for Caroline. The mom tells a story about her daughter being the new girl - and an attempt at making friends at a party. God it's so hard as a woman to walk through a door alone, into a place where no one knows you yet. I don't think it's easy as a child, teen or as a grown adult. I'm afraid for when Caroline has to do this. I pray that she has enough confidence, poise and personality to handle it, and that I have the strength to let her go. I know that no matter in what community we raise her, how few times we move, how steady our lives are -- she'll be the new girl at least a  couple times in her life. God please make those moments as few as possible, and let her be capable of making new friends quickly.


The paragraph below is a side note for me. I need to come back and read this whenever Caroline goes through this for the first time. It's from the original posting.
Tell her to never give up. Encourage her to keep trying. Help her pull down the walls she builds to protect her heart. Remind her she’s not alone. Quiet her doubt. Be brave. Lose the self-loathing. Love her. And don’t forget to remind her every day to accept His perfect love that casts out fear.
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