Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear God,
Fall has just arrived in Central Florida and it's met with energy and happiness from everyone around - we wait so long for the nicer weather. Fall seems to have a reputation of slower times, happier moments, old fashioned traditions, family togetherness and also anticipation of the joyful holidays held in the next few months. God this morning my prayer is that Caroline has some Fall-like qualities through each season of her life. I pray that she learns how to slow things down when she feels like life is moving too quickly. I pray that she never forgets the importance of creating small, happy moments. I pray that we remember to build in some traditions from our childhood - so that she grows knowing some traditions that are greater than just her own life. God I ask that you bind our family together in a way that no matter what's in the way -- work, distance, exhaustion -- we know how to be close and rely on each other. God thank you for this Fall that's come to our home, and please keep us grateful and humble.


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