Tuesday, April 3, 2012

11 Months Today

Dear God -
Today my prayer is about time. I feel like it's going so fast. It seems like I was just pregnant, just holding a tiny baby, just spending the wee hours of the night alone in the dark house. Where has the time gone? Why are some days SO long, but these 11 months have gone so quickly? I'm struck with a fear that life has just sped up - that it's going to go by too fast for me to remember it all. I'm in love with these days, and I'm afraid for them to be gone. God please change my heart, slow down the time, or just take away my fears.

Thank you God. Thank you for sweet Caroline, for her growth, for her health, and for every minute we spend together. God please keep me from taking any of it for granted, please help me keep memories of these days, please give me strength to stay positive and always see the good, please fill me up so I can keep giving her what she needs. God please, more time.

Thank you.

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