Friday, February 24, 2012

Her Family

Dear God -
Thank you for Dale, Judy & Cassidy coming to visit. Thank you for their safe travels, thank you for their willingness and interest in coming, and thank you for a lovely afternoon and dinner together. Thank you for the gift of fellowship you gave us. God please bless them on their trip home tomorrow and keep them safe.

God tonight I want to thank you for the family you've given to me, to Dan and to Caroline. I know that for many years, she'll think of me, my sister and her family, her grandparents, aunts and uncles as her family -- but the truth is, about 60 years from now, her family will be her children, her grandchildren, hopefully her sister or brother and their children. I know that I don't really know all of her family right now, and I ask that you make them   wonderful people, full of your spirit, loving, funny, steeped with tradition, and supportive of Caroline. Thank you for the family we have today, and the family you'll bless us with in generations to come.


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