Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dear God,
Thank you for the community where we live, and for the opportunities we have to be together on the trail and in the pool. It's been so much fun to introduce swimming to Caroline, and I'm thankful for the time you're giving us with her. God please allow Caroline to enjoy swimming and being in the water. Please let her be a child who likes to swim and isn't afraid of swimming. Let her enjoy the ocean, lakes and swimming pools. Please keep her safe as she swims. God let Caroline be grateful to you for the glory of nature, for the beauty of the water you've put here on Earth. Please let swimming in the pool in our neighborhood be a joy for our family, and let it continue to be a way we can unplug and enjoy spending time outside together.

Thank you for the gift of nature, and for the gift of our little water baby!

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