Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We have a couple good friends who do beautiful monogramming, and have done several things for Caroline that are just precious. Just yesterday we got a shipment of new monogrammed bibs from one of our friends, and they are perfect! Caroline wore one today, and it made me think of this prayer.

Dear God,
Thank you for our friends and the gifts of creativity and creation that you've given them. When I look at Caroline in her monogrammed things it makes me think that others can look at her, and know who she is. I ask you today to always make Caroline sure of who she is. Please let her grow deep roots into her loving family and friends, and let those roots give her courage to explore but depth to know herself through the trials of this life. Please always remind Caroline that she was created in your image, a beautiful girl (and one day, woman) who is loved and cherished.

Thank you for making Caroline unique and giving her all of the things that make her our CJC!


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