Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello to God, so glad to see You.

Hello to God, so glad to see You.

These were the words that came singing out of Caroline's mouth from the back seat of the car today on our way home from church. It's a song from our summer music class where we sing "Hello to Caroline, so glad to see you, Hello to mommy, so glad to see you too." And today, she says Hello to God. We went to church for the first meeting of UMW that I've been to since we moved, and I was scared to walk in the door alone. I HATE walking through the door alone when I don't know anyone. HATE. And she was in child care. Apparently Caroline had a better focus on the day than I did, because she saw God when we were there, and I was worried about who would see my ugly flip flops. And who I'd sit with. And what they'd think of me. God thank you so much for a child who simplifies life. Thank you for her reminding me how nice it was to see you today. Thank you for giving us the courage to show up in a place where you'd have us be. It was so so good God to see you today, at church and in the back seat.


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