Wednesday, January 2, 2013

There's Crayon on the Kitchen Floor

Dear God,
There's crayon on the kitchen floor. The Christmas decorations didn't all make it back into their storage containers today. Our home is far from perfect, and my parenting is far from perfect. Today, I yelled at her. God my prayer for you today is that both Caroline and I grow increasingly more patient with one another. She does things - like putting crayon on the floor - that are just typical child behavior, and I want to look at those things and smile, and know that 'it wont be like this for long' and that I'll miss it some day. I want to hear her 100th cry to be picked up and cherish it without being annoyed that I have to stop what I'm doing. I also want her to forgive my shortcomings as a mother, and see our home as a place where we're all loved, where we're all trying really hard, and where things aren't perfect and it's ok. God please give us patience, give us hearts to see the best in one another, and please give us the wisdom to stop and enjoy the small things.


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