Monday, September 3, 2012

The way she sees me

Dear God,
Caroline's been going through a little bit of a clingy phase - she has some nervousness when I leave her. She stays really close to me, and wants a hug before she runs off at the Y, or before I leave her with a sitter. I've been struck by how she sees me -- I'm most definitely 'hers', and she clearly feels like we belong together. It's made me think of the way she sees me -- she sees me in a way that, probably, no one else in the world ever has. She doesn't see the flaws I see in the mirror, or the insecurities I feel. She sees me so much more positively than I even see myself. Thank you God for creating her to see me that way, and for her to be a reminder to me to not be too hard on myself. Thank you for our special relationship, and please help me to live up to the image that she's creating of me and God please give her a spirit of forgiveness when I don't.


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