Sunday, August 19, 2012

Roots like Redwoods

Dear God,
Today I heard a story about how Redwood Trees get their strength. It's not through an incredibly deep root system, it's through an incredibly connected root system. The story went that a Redwood never grows alone, it always grows in a group of Redwoods, and that they get their enormous strength through tangling their roots with one another, until the entire group shares a complexly connected root system. The analogy to life holds - we get our strength not through standing alone, but by standing in communities who tie their roots to ours. Its from our family and friends that we find our strength. Today God, my prayer is that you give Caroline roots like a Redwood - that no matter how old she is, how long she's lived somewhere, how 'deeply' connected she is in a place, her strength comes from the people she surrounds herself with. God please make those people quality people who want good things for themselves and for Caroline.

Thank you God for our church, for your blessings in our lives, and for our sweet Caroline.

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